Welcome to Thost Trust

Origin: Established in the year 2003

Vision: Health & Education

"poverty is not a sin as to wait for a god to solve... - mahatma gandhiji

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity -- World Health Organisation (WHO)

We caregorised the beneficiaries into three groups 1. Orphan children 2. Non remarried widows 3. Childless aged parents

For them we provide general health and mental health support at our free hospital.

In addition we offer Monitary empowerment occupational support.

We enrich and offer financial support to other sick NGO units of orphanages and old age homes on request.

We have issued a photo affixed identity card for their entry and maintain a health record the whole history of their health details. In education, we have a complete care providing service as food, shelter and education for orphan children up to schooling. Other than orphans we do partial support by providing text note books and other testimonials and accessories to the poor children of primary , middle and higher secondary school levels of education. We have an old age home at veerapandiyan nagar, Karuppayoorani, Madurai where we provide food, shelter and medication on free of cost.