Cerebral Palsy and MR home:

The genotypic abnormality of cerebral palsy and mental retardation are the severe cause of mental agony to the family and the caretaker.

Maintenance of such children is very difficult for the caretaker. Out of such mental pressure there are some parent / caretaker are leaving the children as destitute and there are some news that they try for mercy killing of such affected.

Our aim is to prevent such social illness and to rehabilitate such children by way of skill training and psychological style of remodifing the attitudes and behaviors.

A home with all facilities as supporting the development and differentiation of affected attitude and behaviour.

The trainers and counselors towards the recovery of the crucial impact of the present illness are provided with the time schedule of morning 9 to evening 6.

Home for the aged dependents

A Home where they completes their lifespan as happily, leads freedom of struggle.

Home for Orphans

A home in which children gains all essentialities to compete the world without social affliction in mind.

Free Medical & Day care Centre

A hospital provides both physical and psychological support (targeted population)